Celebrating 4 Years of Project 333 with a Blog Tour

Celebrating 4 Years of Project 333 with a Blog Tour

It’s a big day for Project 333. We are celebrating 4 years of dressing with less, kicking off a brand new season, and a fun new challenge in the challenge, along with an awesome blog tour featuring people from around the world writing about their capsule wardrobe experiences.

Whether you’ve been practicing Project 333 for years, or are jumping in for the first time … Welcome, I’m so glad you are here. Congrats for being curious and brave and wonderful.

Get Started

While you can start Project 333 anytime, today is one of the official start days. Gather up your 33 items and check the rules if you have any questions about what counts and what doesn’t. Join us on Instagram for awesome connection and community and consider the Dress with Less course to help you craft your capsule wardrobe.

Be Excited

Use the new challenge in the challenge 33 in 33 to help you get excited and have fun with your new wardrobe. Simply share 33 different looks in 33 days.

Be Transformed

Be open to change from the outside in. Your light, calm closet and wardrobe has a way of making big changes in how you think about simplicity and what really matters in your life.  This minimalist fashion challenge is about so much more than what you’re wearing.

Be Social

Talk about your Project 333 experience via blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Don’t forget to use hashtag #project333 and/or #33in33.

Be Inspired

Stories are inspiring. Check out the Project 333 stories below. Gather information and inspiration from them and from other articles on this site, and then write your own story. Your unique approach will make this a meaningful learning experience in the power of less.

Enjoy the Project 333 blog tour …

Thank you for sharing your stories. If you submitted an article and it didn’t appear on this list, please feel free to comment below with the link.

I hope this minimalist fashion challenge will be as meaningful for you as it has been for me. Learn more about the challenge here or take the course and please comment with your questions or experiences.

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