5 Things that do not Belong in Your Capsule Wardrobe


I just got home from a 26 day trip traveling with less. In between jet lag and catching up on a few things, I haven’t had a chance to decide on my new 33 and create my capsule wardrobe for spring.

I could beat myself up for falling behind, or I could smile and remember that even though I haven’t done it yet, creating a capsule wardrobe is something I enjoy and look forward to. I don’t want to force or rush it, but instead give it the attention it deserves.

I’ll have a pair of jeans, a black tank top, a scarf and a sweater in my new collection, but I won’t be including the following 5 items, and I hope you won’t either.


1. Perfectionism
You might not get this right the first time around and chances are, at the end of 3 months, you’ll see everything differently. Don’t worry about doing it right. This is a challenge, an experiment. And in 3 months, you can do it all over again.

2. Comparison
My wardrobe won’t look like your wardrobe. You don’t have to wear all black, or a dress that you can use 5 different ways. You live in different seasons, different lifestyles and have different tastes in clothes. Make this project your own. If you watch the #project333 hashtag on Instagram, you’ll see that this is not a one size fits all challenge.

3. Inflexibility
If you get started and the shoes you included aren’t working, swap them out. Just because you wrote your list on paper, doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. Be fierce, but flexible.

4. Guilt
When you are boxing up your clothes, you might feel guilty for spending so much on things you don’t wear. What you should be feeling is proud that you are open to change. You should be feeling excited about a new challenge. Feel happy that your clothes may be going to someone who really needs them.

5. Suffering
If you wear out your favorite pair of jeans, or a coat that you included becomes a little too snug, replace it. If you are unhappy with your selection, re-select. Use Project 333 as a way to learn about what you really need and want in your closet instead of a punishment. This should be fun and make your life easier. If you are suffering or struggling, change something or ask for help.

Often, if I am struggling with something, I know some of you are too. Since I haven’t had time to build my capsule wardrobe, I’m announcing …

A Grace Period

The next official season of Project 333 started today, and because I don’t have room for any of the above in my closet or my life, I am announcing a 7 day grace period. If you haven’t had time to get started, take the next week to create your capsule wardrobe. Learn more about getting started or take the course.

Choose your 33 wisely and don’t forget to make room for compassion, grace, laughter and lessons.

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