What Does a Minimalist Look Like?

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Project 333 contributor, Erin Verena wrote this for you …

Chances are if you’ve already discovered Project 333, you’re interested in simplifying your wardrobe, home, or life in some way. You might be a minimalist and not even know it!

I’ve only very recently felt comfortable calling myself a minimalist. I used to, like a lot of people, think I was interested in de-cluttering and simplifying but in no way was I a minimalist. This is because the images we often see and connect with minimalism are those of minimalist design and style – black & white, perfectly clean, basic shapes, and straight lines. What I’ve realized is that having a minimalist aesthetic is a separate concept from incorporating minimalist ideas into your life.

A minimalist lifestyle is going to look different for everyone (it can be bright, colourful, and eclectic if that’s your personal style). It centers on the idea of only having things that enhance and benefit your life, but doesn’t mean getting rid of absolutely everything or trying to create a particular ‘look’. I’m pretty new to this, but I see minimalism as a way to actually maximize living by removing things that are negative or just not adding to your life in anyway. It’s a path to more happiness, freedom, and personal growth, and the way that looks is totally up to you!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and would love to hear your thoughts! Do you consider yourself a minimalist? What does minimalism look like for you?

Erin is a fashion designer, illustrator, and eco fashion blogger who is trying to live a simpler and slower life. She creates videos about ethical fashion, green beauty, and capsule wardrobes on her YouTube channel and can also be found on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.