Why I Don’t Tell You What I’m Wearing

Why I Don't Tell You What I'm Wearing

Dressing with less and living with less is a great way to improve our lives and the planet. Our focus here at Project 333 is simple; dress with less, and because less looks different for everyone, I don’t tell you what I’m wearing.

There isn’t one best way to dress or live or declutter. I share my looks on Instagram and write about my experience with capsule wardrobes and dressing with less to demonstrate that it’s possible, and that it’s easier than it sounds. I also share because Project 333 has made such a big difference in my life and it’s an awesome way to connect with you.

I could have developed this website to promote brands and clothing and earn money while you fill your closet with things that I like, but Project 333 isn’t about telling you what to wear or encouraging you to shop. I want to work with you, but not like that. I intentionally chose a different message and business model.

I remember my pre-333 days thinking that a new dress that I saw in a magazine would make me improve my life, or scoring an amazing deal at a semi-annual sale would make me happy and finally complete my wardrobe, but it never did. I always needed more. There is nothing you can buy that will finally make you anything. The secret to having it all is recognizing that you already do.

I don’t recommend buying anything new if you are just starting Project 333. Over the first 3 months, your idea of what looks good and what you like wearing will change. It’s a transformative 3 months. Save any wardrobe edits for the end of your first, or next 3 months so you have the information you need to make smart purchases that add value to your life instead of a temporary high.

The next season of Project 333 starts soon.

On October 1st, the next season of Project 333 begins and we are celebrating 4 years of minimalist fashion project 333! Coming up this month to help you get ready:

  • The Project 333 Blog Tour: sharing Project 333 capsule wardrobes stories to inspire your 3 month experiment
  • A new challenge within the challenge to help you kickstart your P333
  • Project 333 Style Stories

I never thought that I’d still be dressing with 33 items or less every 3 months when I started this challenge, but the benefits are too awesome to ignore.

  • My mornings are easier
  • I can get ready at the last-minute in a minute
  • Everything in my closet fits my body and my lifestyle
  • I travel lightly
  • I don’t need storage space for extra clothing

For those reasons and more, Project 333 will continue to be the way of my wardrobe. What I wear isn’t special, important or worth talking about, but what my life has become because I dress with less, now that’s a story.

I won’t tell you what I’m wearing, but let me know if there are other ways I can help you get started.

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