How to Create a Makeup Capsule Collection (video)

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Thanks to Project 333 contributor, Erin Verena for creating this great video and post about a topic many of you have been asking for. 

So you’ve tackled your closet and are enjoying the numerous benefits of having a capsule wardrobe, but have you thought about also doing this with your makeup and beauty products?

If you own products you don’t use, want a quick and easy beauty routine, signature look, or just have more makeup and beauty products than you’d like, you might benefit from a simplified beauty collection. I basically took the capsule wardrobe process and concept and applied it to my makeup, skin, and hair care.

The benefits of creating a makeup capsule collection

  • I now have significantly fewer products on my shelves.
  • I created an everyday makeup look I really enjoy which usually only takes me about 5-10 minutes.
  • My collection includes versatile products that all go together – I can still change my look up a bit and have fun with it.
  • I actually use things up before they expire.
  • Because I’m buying less, I can afford to invest in a few better quality products which have been really nice to use.

How to Create a Makeup Capsule Collection (video)

Overall I think a beauty capsule should centre around your favourite and ‘must-have’ items, just like it’s great to start building your capsule wardrobe around the pieces that are always in your laundry basket, start with the products you use daily/very regularly or always tend to use up. You can then fill it out with some makeup options or variations you wear, and maybe some less frequently used products like a mask or deep-conditioning treatment you like to use. Be critical though, and only include products you truly use and enjoy.

Like your capsule wardrobe, it can also be a great opportunity to uncover and develop your style or signature look. Having a few reference or inspiration images might be helpful when creating your makeup capsule and feel free to play around a bit and try some new looks you like. There are also tons of quick and easy makeup tutorials on YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs if you want some tips to simplify your look.

Finally if you’re unsure about getting rid of things or you’re not ready to fully commit to your minimal beauty collection pack up anything that’s not in your ‘capsule’ and put it away for a bit. I’d recommend trying it out for a least a few weeks to see how you like using fewer products and if anything is missing. You can then reevaluate your products and routine and decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Erin is a fashion designer, illustrator, and eco fashion blogger who is trying to live a simpler and slower life. She creates videos about ethical fashion, green beauty, and capsule wardrobes on her YouTube channel and can also be found on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.


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