Project 333 is No Joke

Project 333 is no Joke

April 1st may be best known for pranks and jokes, but for capsule wardrobe enthusiasts, April 1st is the first day of a brand new season of Project 333.

If you want to get started this week, here are few tips and tricks to help you ease in …

First time?

Keep it simple and don’t worry about building the perfect capsule wardrobe. So much will change about what you think about clothing and style after 3 months of dressing with less.

Eliminate the accessories and jewelry except for your favorite scarf, piece of jewelry and sunglasses. You don’t have to give the rest away, just hide it for 90 days.

Choose 3-4 pairs of shoes, only one color of each style is necessary for 3 months. For instance, flats, heels, boots, sneakers, or whatever works best for you.

Choose 3-4 pants or skirts and then fill the rest of your 33 with tops including shirts, sweaters and jackets.

Back for more?

If this isn’t your first Project 333, you are coming back with positive encouragement from your recent minimalist fashion experiment. Let your friends know why dressing with less makes your life better. Use hashtag #project333 on Twitter and Instagram so I can give you a high-five.

Transition from your last capsule to the next by removing all of the items that don’t make sense for a shift in the weather, and keep what does work hanging in the closet. I usually transition at least 50% of each seasonal capsule to the next.

For everyone …

Don’t worry if you aren’t ready to go on April 1st. Use the weekend to create your capsule wardrobe and kick perfection to the curb. Remember that this is not a project in suffering, and dressing with less is not a sacrifice.

Enjoy the process. Find the joy.