Defining Severe

Simple is the new black.

A Vogue marketing director labeled Project 333 “too severe for most people.” but almost everyone who has tried it disagrees. The rules are flexible and the benefits are changing closets and lives around the world.

Defining severe:

  • What’s severe is that we are spending money we don’t have on clothes we don’t wear.
  • What’s severe is that our kids know more about labels than geography.
  • What’s severe is that the ad execs creating the ads and the marketers convincing you to buy aren’t wearing them either.

Labeling Project 333 and other challenges or lifestyles as severe, extreme, or impossible, discounts your curiosity, resolve, and desire for change.

This minimalist fashion challenge isn’t severe. It’s an experiment, and with the right approach, you’ll have a little fun and open doors you never knew existed.

If you’ve tried it, tell us about your experience in the comments below.