Project 333 Style Stories: Amy

Welcome to Project 333 Style Stories, a series featuring real people dressing with less. Your stories are so important and will inspire people to try Project 333 and discover the benefits of dressing with less. Send me your style story for consideration with 3 images of you and your 33 and answers to the questions below.

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Tell us a little about yourself like what type of climate you live in, and what a typical day is like for you.

On a normal day, I live in Arizona. But, I am currently traveling by motorhome around the USA with my husband and four children for 7 months. Currently, we are in Washington DC where Fall attire is much different than what I would be wearing back in Arizona. This trip is unique in the fact that I need to be prepared for all weather elements and activities! I need to be able to dress for the campground as well as touring big cities.


Why did you start Project 333?

A friend recommend the Project to me as I was preparing to embark on this cross country family sabbatical. It sounded like a fun way for me to prepare my closet for this trip. Narrowing down my wardrobe for my RV closet was going to prove tough, so why not have a reason to make it challenging, yet fun with Project 333! Whenever I travel abroad or on a trip requiring only a carryon suitcase, I always pack a black-grey interchangeable layered wardrobe. I did the same thing on this adventure- incorporating color with my shoes and purses.


What’s in your 33?

8 pairs of shoes (1 flip flops, 2 wedge sandals, 1 pair Ugg boots, 1 workout shoes, 1 Converse, 1 colorful ballet flat, 1 black ballet flat)

2 dresses (cute, colorful, pointless most of the time)

2 pairs blue jeans (black skinny, distressed boyfriends)

2 shorts (denim cutoffs and black athletic shorts)

2 sweaters (black and grey cardigans)

2 black tops
2 T-shirts (with cute, inspirational sayings)

3 leggings (black and 2 patterned)

2 sweatshirts

2 purses (black and camel leather)

2 patterned colorful cross body purses

2 pair sunglasses (1 cheap pair and 1 fancy pair, in case there’s reason)

2 jackets (black rain coat and black heavier coat)

My wardrobe is all about layering and being prepared for any climate. Overall everything is pretty casual and comfortable. I do have workout outfits that I’m glad I didn’t have to include in my 33 as well!

What have you discovered as a result of dressing with less?

It is much easier getting dressed every day with limited outfits to choose from! I like not being overwhelmed with choices and options. Some days I miss the clothes that were left behind, but overall I’m happy with the pieces that I chose to bring and I’m thankful to Project 333 for helping me in this venture!

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