How to Travel and Relocate with a Capsule Wardrobe

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Project 333 contributor, Erin Verena wrote this for you …

In the last year I’ve moved around a lot and also had the privilege to do some travelling, both of which helped me realize some additional benefits to having a capsule wardrobe.

Tips for Travel

It’s helpful to approach packing for your trip in the same way you create your seasonal capsule wardrobe, considering:

  • What you will be doing and what clothes are comfortable and appropriate to do those things in.
  • What the weather will to be like. Is the climate different from where you live? You will either have to narrow down your capsule wardrobe or might have to get some items out of storage. I personally think that if you’re going on a short trip to a different climate it’s ok to ‘cheat’ with your Project 333 capsule and get some items out of storage, but if your trip is planned in advance and you’d like to include those items in your capsule wardrobe that’s great!
  • How long you are going for and whether you’ll be able to or want to do laundry.
  • Versatile day to night pieces are great as well as items that can be worn multiple times, all go together, and possibly layer well. I like to plan an outfit for each day plus 1 extra and generally end up packing 3 tops to every bottom.
  • Include your favorite effortless and most comfortable outfits; not having to worry or think about what you’re wearing will help you enjoy your new experiences more.

Having a capsule wardrobe and minimalism in general has also helped me shop less and be more critical of my purchases which I’ve found especially beneficial when travelling.

Being in a new environment and particularly if you are travelling to popular places, there will probably be lots of stuff to buy and people trying to sell you things. I like to remember that photographs make the best souvenirs and will remind me of the trip much better than a plastic trinket will.

Tips for Moving

Moving can be stressful and a lot of work, but it can also be a perfect opportunity to assess your things because you’ll be going through every item you own as you pack. Moving brings a lot of changes and it’s a good time to consider which of your possessions have earned a place in your new home.

It does take time though and if you can give yourself extra time to either pack or unpack, it will be very helpful. You can also do The Minimalist’s Packing Party.

Really want to push yourself to own fewer things? Have fewer places to put those things. It’s easy to fill up the spaces you have and having less storage forces you to be more critical and really think about what deserves that space. Also if you feel like you have empty space, try spreading your things out. For me it felt weird to have empty drawers or wide open closet space but just spreading everything out more made my closet seem like a fancy boutique and it’s so neat and easy to find everything!

Also for moving day and a few days after, it’s nice to pack some clothes, toiletries and other necessities separately. It avoids the frustration of digging through everything to find toothpaste when all you want to do is crash after hauling boxes all day.

Those are just a few things I’ve learned from travelling and moving, but I’d love to hear about your experiences! Do you have any other tips?

Erin is a fashion designer, illustrator, and eco fashion blogger who is trying to live a simpler and slower life. She creates videos about ethical fashion, green beauty, and capsule wardrobes on her YouTube channel and can also be found on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.