The One Thing Standing Between You and a Capsule Wardrobe

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

If you are enjoying peaceful mornings, and compliments on your streamlined wardrobe, chances are you dress with less.

If you are ready to create a capsule wardrobe, minimalist fashion challenge Project 333 will get you there with more lessons and fun than you can imagine. Read about the course for extra instruction and inspiration.

What if you’re almost ready, but haven’t taken the leap?

In a recent survey, 40% of respondents say they want to get started, but haven’t yet. Maybe you haven’t gotten started because you …

  • can’t figure out how to balance your work clothes with your play clothes
  • are losing or gaining weight
  • live in an unpredictable climate
  • have too much
  • don’t have enough

Those excuses are all forms of the one thing standing between you and a capsule wardrobe … fear. Fear that you won’t have enough, fear that people will think you are weird, fear of trying something different, and fear of failure. I only know this because I was fearful too.

When I started Project 333 almost 5 years ago, I was working full-time, visiting clients, and attending meetings and events. I was afraid that 33 items wouldn’t be enough, that my clothes would wear out, or that people might judge me for wearing the same clothes. I was afraid that I didn’t have the right clothes, or the tenacity to follow through with the challenge. I didn’t know what to expect and I was afraid of the uncertainty.

Within weeks, I squashed each fear and by the end of the 3 months, I was more confident with my wardrobe and more confident in every other area of my life.

Project 333 Gives You Permission to Work with Your Fears

One of the best parts of Project 333 is that it is risk free. It’s a challenge and an experiment, and doesn’t have to be a permanent life change. You don’t have to get rid of the clothes you aren’t wearing or buy all new clothes. Instead, call a time out on closet chaos while you spend a little time determining what’s really important in your life.

Box up your fears with the clothes you aren’t wearing because they aren’t in season, or don’t fit your body, lifestyle or taste, and dress with less for 3 months. If one of your fears is not doing it right, and you don’t want to start now because you won’t be ready on July 1st, give yourself an extra week.

Make your decisions based on facts, not fear. Set a start date that works for you, check out the rules, or take the course, and see for yourself.