The Biggest Secret About Minimalist Fashion Challenge Project 333

Minimalist fashion challenge Project 333 began October 1, 2010. Almost 5 years ago, I created my first capsule wardrobe with 33 items and hundreds joined in to try it. 5 years later, I still dress with 33 items or less every 3 months and now, thousands of people from around the world have tried it too.

I was worried about announcing the challenge publicly 5 years ago because I thought …

  • I won’t have enough clothes
  • I’ll miss shopping
  • People will notice I’m wearing the same clothes
  • I’ll get bored

None of those things happened, but lots of other less scary, wonderful things happened which leads me to the big secret.

you won't believe it

The challenge isn’t that challenging.

The hardest part about Project 333 happens before the challenge starts, when you are thinking, “that’s crazy” or “I could never do it.” Once you get started, it’s so much easier than you think, and it makes other parts of your life easier too.

I’ll be sharing some fun things to celebrate 5 years of dressing with less, so be sure to subscribe here and follow on Instagram. I’ll be bringing you right into my closet too with live video streaming on Periscope. Download the free app and come find me – @bemorewithless.

I will also be sharing my Fall Project 333 capsule collection and I want to share yours too. If you are just getting started, or coming back for another round, share your images on Instagram or thoughts on Twitter with hashtag #project333 so I can round ‘em up and inspire people with your tiny wardrobes.

P.S. If there is anything you want to know about Project 333, please ask in the comment section below.