Project 333 Style Stories: Nyamka

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Welcome to Project 333 Style Stories, a series featuring real people dressing with less. Your stories are so important and will inspire people to try Project 333 and discover the benefits of dressing with less. Send me your style story for consideration with 3 images of you and your 33 and answers to the questions below.

Project 333 Style Stories: Nyamka

Tell us a little about yourself like what type of climate you live in, and what a typical day is like for you.

I live in the windy city of Melbourne in Australia. Melbourne is known for its fickle weather, where you can experience four seasons within a single day. You can have rain, shine. wind, and sometimes hail within few hours.

We are in the midst of winter here and it has been reaching 4 C degrees in the mornings and evenings. Since I am a bit sensitive to the cold, I need to dress appropriately with plenty of warm layers and I made sure I had lots of scarves and tops for layering in my 33 this winter.

Currently I am studying nutrition and I plan on starting my own health practice once I graduate. To support myself whilst studying, I also have a part-time job in retail. Most days I work, study, go to meetups,  hang out with my friends, and see clients and potential clients.

Right now is the most exciting and busy period in my life so far and having a simple capsule wardrobe makes life easier and better.


Why did you start Project 333?

I officially started Project 333 at the start of the year after toying with the idea for a while. At the time I was just starting with minimalism and had de-cluttered quite a bit of my possessions already. I really enjoyed the clarity I got from decluttering and simplifying and I wanted to try more.

In the beginning I was hesitant about my ability to live with just 33 items of clothing, but knowing I could keep the rest of my clothes boxed away and I could back if I wanted to after three months gave me the safety net I needed to start the project. Once I got started, my worries went away and I realised that having less was so much easier and better.


What’s in your 33?

1.    Black boots

2.    Blue boots

3.    Pink oxfords

4.    Grey oxfords

5.    Purple cardigan

6.    Black Cardigan

7.    Grey & Orange Top

8.    Grey jumper

9.    Grey cashmere tunic

10.  Yellow dress

11.  Skirt

12. White dress

13. Grey dress

14. Green scarf (long)

15. Green scarf (short)

16. Pink Scarf

17. Brown Bag

18. Gloves

19. White shirt

20. Beige jumper

21. Green vest

22. Blue jacket

23. Sequin jacket

24. Pink tights

25. Magenta tights

26. Pink tights with stripes

27. Belt

28. Hat

29. Red jumper

30. Red Pants




As I type my 33 I realize I have few things I haven’t worn this winter so far. I have been dressing with less than 33 items unknowingly!

Also, I kept the last three free as I am planning to add few tee shirts.

What have you discovered as a result of dressing with less?

  • I have discovered my own sense of style as a result from dressing with less. Now, I understand that there is no must have items of clothing for everyone. The little black dress is not a must have for me, but blue boots and a sequin jacket are.
  • Quality over quantity. Having fewer clothes means you really get to notice the quality of your clothes from how it’s cut to what the fabric feels like wear after wear. I noticed how some of my current items don’t have a good lining on it and some are made from not so long lasting materials. My plan now is to maintain my current clothing collection by using gentle cleaners such as soap nuts, and when they wear out, I want to invest in better quality items that last longer.
  • More awareness on the ethics of clothing. As a result of being more selective and trying to live a more environmentally friendly life, I have become more aware of what  the unknown costs of fast fashion consumption are besides the price on the tag; such as the as costs to the environment to the people who make them under awful conditions. These days I am on the look out for more ethical clothes makers for my next purchases.
  • Other people don’t notice. I thought people would be able to tell that I had so few clothes but people don’t. Most likely because they have better things to think about than my how many pieces of clothing I have. What surprised me were the compliments. I have more people compliment me on my outfits now than before when I had more clothes. People don’t notice how many clothes you have, but they do notice when you are happy with your clothes and look good, which is nice.
  • I have more time for other better things. I realised that using shopping as a reward or as a tool for distraction or as an activity was not solving my problems or making my life better. Shopping was wasting my time, money,  brain space, and the space in my closet.

I understand that now, and whenever I feel like shopping I ask myself if it is a necessity or if I am just looking for a distraction, and if it’s the latter, I tell myself that more clothes or things are not going to solve my problems.

I have discovered so much from dressing with less but the overarching lesson I learnt was that I don’t have to have a lot of clothes to be happy, to look good, or feel better about myself. Less is truly better for me.

Nyamka writes at on simplicity, and holistic wellbeing. She is on her own journey to be well, do good, and change the world and she’d like to help other young hopefuls get started on their journey, too. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.


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