A Capsule Wardrobe Transition


A smaller wardrobe gives you more freedom and benefits like:

  • stress free mornings
  • faster getaways (easy to pack)
  • defining your personal style
  • caring less about clothes and more about things that really matter to you

A Project 333 capsule wardrobe is built for 3 months. I create 4 seasonal capsule wardrobes a year. People often assume that means I have 132 items (4 X 33) for the year, but I actually have fewer pieces.

Next week, I’ll share my complete spring collection, but following is a list of the pieces that transitioned from winter to spring.

If you are worried about crazy weather conditions during a certain season, remember that you won’t be able to wear your entire collection all season. Build in a few pieces for the beginning when temps are cooler or warmer and another few pieces for the end of the season when the weather is likely the complete opposite of where it started.

Capsule Wardrobe Transition

These are the pieces from my winter collection that are in my spring collection:

  1. Small purse
  2. Laptop bag
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Bracelet
  5. Necklace
  6. Shoes – black flats
  7. Shoes – black heels
  8. Shoes – walking
  9. Jeans
  10. Black skirt
  11. Gray skirt
  12. Black tank
  13. White tank
  14. Black long sleeve shirt
  15. Green short sleeve shirt
  16. Black/gray shirt
  17. Black sweatshirt
  18. Black blazer

More than 1/2 of my collection is in play for 6 months or longer. You can see my winter list here.  When you are building new capsule collections, assess the items from the previous season and find crossover.

If you do that each season, you can gradually reduce the size of your overall wardrobe and experience more of the benefits of Project 333.

What are a few of the pieces that you use in more than one collection?

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